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Hunter's Star

We believe that our precious Angel is our "little star". We dedicated a star, in his name, so we could find him. To find the Star named "Baby Hunter James Martino", the map coordinates are Orion RA 5h 21m 44s D5' 25". Now you can find him too.


A Place Where Children Are

What kind of place would heaven be
With all it's streets of gold,
If all the souls that dwell up there
Like yours and mine were old?

How strange would heaven's music sound
When harps begin to ring,
If children were not gathered 'round
To help the angels sing.

The children that God sends to us
Are only just a loan,
He knows we need their sunshine
To make a house a home.

We need the inspiration of
a baby's blessed smile,
He doesn't say they've come to stay
Just lends them for a while.

Sometimes it takes them years to do
The work for which they come,
Sometimes in just a month or two
Our Father calls them home.

I like to think some souls up there
Bear not one sinful scar,
I love to think of heaven as
A place where children are.

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